Супермен (1987) DVDRip


Фантастика. At the same time, Verma, Shekhars rival for Gitas affection in their school days, has gone on to become a crime lord and general super-villain. Verma has hatched at plan to become rich by devastating part of India with natural disasters, then buying up all of the abandoned land? After growing to an adult and learning about his origins and powers, he goes to the city in search of his school sweetheart, Gita, who has become a newpaper reporter. In this Indian take on the classic superhero story, a young baby from the doomed planet Krypton is sent to Earth, where he is adopted by an elderly couple in India who name him Shekhar. Will he win Gitas heart. Will he keep his double identity a secret. Will Superman/Shekhar be able to put a stop to Vermas evil plan.

Жанр: фантастика

IMDB: 6.7



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